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Summer Reading Club

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Summer Reading Club
by Parm Armstrong - Monday, 24 June 2013, 10:00 AM
Up, Up and Away! Summer Reading Club 2013
Beginning June 18th, children aged 6-12 can join the SRC at their local library, and will be provided with a reading record and bookmark to begin their reading journey. As they read, children track their progress in a reading record, and may be eligible to win a reading medal at the end of the program, along with other incentives or opportunities through the summer.
This year, children explore the wonders of the sky through the seven weekly themes ranging from winged flight to superheroes, sky mythology, and stargazing. BC children’s illustrator, Eliska Liska brings the theme alive though a variety of resources including booklists, games, colouring sheets, quizzes, and even tips for parents.
Regular reading during the summer helps kids maintain or even improve their reading and literacy skills. Studies show that voluntary reading is the number one factor in establishing good reading habits and is positively correlated with future success in school. SRC makes reading fun!
The SRC is sponsored by the British Columbia Library Association and local public libraries, with funding from the Libraries and Literacy, Ministry of Education, and the RBC Foundation, and will reach about 85,000 children.
Children and their families can visit their local public library today to sign-up for BC’s Summer Reading Club 2013.