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At A.E. Perry Elementary, we strive to work together in a positive environment to foster the development of emotional stability, intellectual potential, positive and social relationships, and to enhance respect, individual growth and physical wellness.

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    Have a Wonderful Summer!
    by Tiffany Hawkins - Thursday, 30 June 2016, 1:09 PM

    Happy June Everyone!! 

    As we get ready to say goodbye to another school year, we must also say goodbye to some very special people.  Mrs. Hanna Stozack, our Literacy Support Teacher,  Mrs. Patricia Huffman, grade 5/6 teacher, Mrs. Emily Fell, our Grade 1 teacher.  We also have a number of CEA's who will be leaving us: Mrs. Rochelle O'Grady, Julie Goss, Mrs. Janet Murphy, Mrs. June Webb, Mr. Nathan Grant, Mrs. Tonya Sliver, Mrs. Dawn Armstrong, Mrs. Darla Tomlinson, Ms. Jody Ward, Mr. Dan Kostachuk, Sandra Maskell and our Vice Principal Mrs. Tiffany Hawkins.

    Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to AE Perry.  We were so lucky to have you part of our team and you will be missed!!

    Welcome to Ms. Susie Mabee, who will be our new Vice Principal.  Ms. Mabee has been Vice Principal at Kay Bingham for the past three years and before that she worked at Loyd George as a French Immersion teacher.  We would also like to welcome Ms. Kristen Pike who is one of our new CEA's.  Welcome to you both!!


    Please make sure your children are at school on Tuesday September 6th at 10:30am Tuesday will be a shortened day, ending at 12:00 Students will return to their regular classrooms for the first week until we can finalize class placements. This is necessary as we will not know exactly how many students we will have until school starts.  We will do our best to get our classes settled as soon as possible. 

    Have a wonderful Summer, Everyone!  Looking forward to seeing you in September!

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    Missing Items at School
    by Tiffany Hawkins - Tuesday, 21 June 2016, 2:28 PM

    As per the Synervoice message sent out on June 21, 2016, we are missing some items at AE Perry.

    Could you please look through your house for the following items and send them back to school:

    • sports jerseys
    • library books (bar code is on the cover)
    • black and white home reading books

    The photos below are some examples.

    Black and white books


    Jersey Type 1

    Jersey Type 2

    Jersey Type 3

    Jersey Type 4

    Picture of Tiffany Hawkins
    Summer Math Camp
    by Tiffany Hawkins - Friday, 13 May 2016, 11:32 AM

    Dear Parents/Guardians of AE Perry Elementary

    We would like to inform you of School District 73’s Summer Math 2016.

    What is it?
    This summer program is intended to either improve students’ math skills and confidence, or build on existing confidence and extend mathematical thinking for students desiring enrichment.

    With sufficient enrolment, we hope to offer both support and enrichment sections split into grades 4/5/6 and 7/8/9. This non-credit program will support learners with paper, game and computer based opportunities to encourage active participation, while building or expanding competency in number sense, patterns and numeracy relationships.

    Who is it for?
    The “support program” is intended for students who lack comfort when working in Math and would benefit from building their skills and confidence.

    The “enrichment program” is for students who enjoy the subject and are looking for new and fun extensions to topics found in the classroom. For in town schools there will only be one location for enrichment, South Sa-Hali.

    When is it?
    The program will start on Tuesday July 5, with 14 daily sessions that are approx 3 hours (incl. 20 min break) in length running Monday-Friday, until July 22nd. Sessions will be in the morning (9am-12:00pm)

    How much is it?

    Where is it?
    South Sa-Hali Elementary, Arthur Hatton Elementary, Chief Atahm School, Logan Lake Elementary,
    Barriere Elementary, and Raft River Elementary

    How do I register?
    Registration will be through the SD 73 Summer School website:
    Students need their Personal Education Number found on a report card to apply.

    How can I get more information?

    Amanda Russett
    Numeracy Coordinator
    School District #73 (Kamloops/Thompson)

    Jake Schmidt

    Principal Summer School School District #73 (Kamloops/Thompson) 250-851-0632



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